Identity & Access Management – Vendor & Product Matrix

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As with any packaged suite, finding the best Identity Management products for your enterprise is a not a trivial task. This is especially true when different products from different vendors, that accomplish different objectives or services have remarkably similar (and therefore confusing) naming conventions.

To help layout the current Identity Management vendor / product landscape as we see it, we’ve put together the following matrix of products by vendors.

Service Oracle IBM catech NetIQ Microsoft PingIdentity viewds Courion SAP Okta Fischer
Identity Governance
User Life Cycle, Self-Service, Request / Role Based, Provisioning & Deprovisioning, Password Management, Attestation & Compliance / Separation of Duties Oracle Identity Manager IBM® Security Identity Manager CA Identity Manager NetIQ Identity Manager, NetIQ Access Governance Suite ForeFront Identity Manager/Microsoft Identity Manager + BHOLD Suite Access Insight, AccountCourier, Password Courier NetWeaver Identity Manager Okta Identity Management Fischer Automated Role & Account Management, Access Termination, Password Reset & Synchronization, Password Express, Regulatory Compliance & Access Governance
Regulatory Oracle Identity Analytics IBM® Security Compliance Insight Manager CA GovernanceMinder, CA User Activity Reporting NetIQ Identity Manager, NetIQ Access Governance Suite ComplianceCourier, Access Insight NetWeaver Identity Manager Okta Identity Management Fischer Regulatory Compliance & Access Governance
Role Management Oracle Role Manager CA GovernanceMinder NetIQ Access Governance Suite, NetIQ Directory & Resource Administrator Features (AD Only) BHOLD Suite RoleCourier NetWeaver Identity Manager Okta Identity Management Fischer Automated Role & Account Management, Fischer Self Service Portal, Fischer Privileged Access Management
Service Account Management Oracle Privileged Account Manager IBM® Security Privileged Identity Manager CA ControlMinder NetIQ Privileged User Manager Microsoft Identity Manager Fischer Automated Role & Account Management, Fischer Self Service Portal
Access Management
Access Management (Web – SSO) Oracle Access Manager Tivoli Access Manager for eBusiness, IBM® Security Access Manager CA SiteMinder – SSO NetIQ Access Manager Ping One NetWeaver Single Sign-On Okta Identity Management Fischer’s Federated & Web Single Sign-On solution
Access Management (Desktop) Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-On Suite, Oracle Authentication Services for Operating Systems IBM® Security Access Manager for O/S Microsoft Active Directory Okta Identity Management
Access Management – Federation (SAML, OAuth, etc.) Oracle Access Manager 11gR2, Oracle Identity Federation 11gR1 Tivoli Federated Identity Manager CA SiteMinder – Federation NetIQ CloudAccess Active Directory Federation Services Ping Federate NetWeaver Single Sign-On Okta Identity Management Fischer Ignite-Federation, InCommon® Federation Enablement
Access Management – Fine Grained Entitlements (XACML) Oracle Entitlement Server Tivoli Federated Policy Manager ViewDS Access Sentinel
Strong Authentication / Fraud Detection Oracle Adaptive Access Manager CA AuthMinder, CA RiskMinder
Web Services Security Oracle Web Services Manager CA SiteMinder – Web Services Security
Directory Services
Directory Server Oracle Internet Directory, Oracle Unified Directory, Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition Tivoli Directory Server CA Directory eDirectory Active Directory, Active Directory Application Mode ViewDS Directory Server Okta Identity Management Universal Directory
Virtual Directory Oracle Virtual Directory LDAP Proxy Virtual Directory Server
Cloud Directory Microsoft Azure Active Directory Okta Identity Management Cloud Directory
Directory Integration & LDAP Synchronization Oracle Directory Integration Platform Tivoli Directory Integrator NetIQ Directory & Resource Administrator Microsoft Identity Manager ViewDS Identity Bridge Okta Identity Management
Mobile Management
Identity Management (Mobile) Okta Mobility Management iFly – Mobile Identity Management
Single Sign On for Apps Okta Mobility Management

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As a management and technology consultancy, M&S Consulting has deep experience with middleware & IdM.  M&S will strive to analyze, develop and deliver an identity management vision that contains all of objectives important to an organization.

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