ColdFusion 9 on Linux 64-bit with Oracle WebLogic

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ColdFusion installation on Oracle WebLogic is supported, and 64-bit support is also available.

Per Adobe, following are some points to note about this setup: The majority of the functionality and features of ColdFusion run on 64-bit platforms; however, certain features including ColdFusion COM interoperability, ColdFusion Delphi interoperability, and Microsoft Access database connectivity do not work on a ColdFusion 64-bit platform. A few other features, such as ColdFusion .NET integration services and database drivers currently run in 32-bit mode.

Click here for details on CF 9 System Requirements and Support Matrix.

If we get some time, we’ll try to post detailed install instructions as well. Check back and/or contact us if this would be on particular interest to you.

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