What I Learned From Oracle’s BIWA Summit 2015 (Perspective from a Consulting Intern)

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Our Big Data Team, here at M&S, packed up their bags and headed to San Francisco last week for the 2015 Oracle Business Intelligence Warehousing and Analytics Summit. Some of the major topics discussed included: Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, and Advanced Analytics. The Internet of Things (IoT) is at the peak of Gartner’s Hype Cycle. It is becoming increasingly talked about and there are predictions of billions and billions of sensors by 2020. But what exactly is IoT? IoT involves embedded computing devices interconnected with existing internet infrastructure, such as, wearables and connected cars. Why the hype right … Read More

Salesforce Orders

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Salesforce Orders brings Sales and Service processes closer to one another and bridges the GAP between Sales Cloud and Service Cloud.

Introduced in Spring ’14, Salesforce Orders create an agreement between your company and a customer to provision services or deliver products with a known quantity, price and time. Salesforce Orders brings Sales and Service processes closer to one another and bridges the GAP between Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. One can create Orders from Contracts and/or Accounts. Reduction Orders and Negative Quantity allows users to process returns and reduce services. After an order is created – Account and Contract fields on an Order cannot be modified. Orders follow the sharing model of it’s Account. Some considerations: Users must have the “Active Orders” … Read More

AWS RDS Automatic Patching for MySQL 5.5 and 5.6

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Oracle has announced security vulnerabilities and associated software patches affecting MySQL 5.5 and 5.6. Sure the security vulnerabilities and patches are news. But the thing we wanted to point out is that AWS RDS is taking care of it for us and our customers. Now, this isn’t always what everyone wants (automatic patches) since there may be cases where you want more time to test that extends beyond the automatic update window. However, we find the trade-off is usually worth it since the service alerts you and gives you a few days to review the reasons and get everything in … Read More

3 Main Features of Salesforce File Sync

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3 Main Features of Salesforce File Sync

Salesforce File Sync is a Cloud Based Management System that allows users to easily sync files to their salesforce org. The three main features of Salesforce File Sync are: Sync Share Collaborate Sync: To use Salesforce File Sync, users download a desktop application which provides a folder for synced files. Files in the Salesforce File Folder are automatically synced with salesforce and can be accessed from the user’s desktop or the salesforce org.   Share: Users can share synced files using chatter or through an external collaborator using a link. Collaborate: Once files are shared, people who have access to … Read More

M&S Consulting Organizes Amazon Web Services Pittsburgh Meetup

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Pittsburgh Amazon Web Service

The first Amazon Web Services meetup of this year will be taking place on August 27th 7PM at RevvOakland. With monthly meetings planned for AWS among other events in the planning stages, M&S Consulting is now playing a greater part in connecting and stimulating the Pittsburgh cloud and virtualization community. We’ll be doing a compare and contrast of AWS Workspaces versus other public and private cloud DaaS offerings. Come for a brief presentation by Joe Perks of M&S Consulting and meet those in the Pittsburgh area doing great things with AWS! Remember, the meetups we host are always free and are … Read More

Preview of the Salesforce.com Summer ’14 Release

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The Summer ’14 release brings new features that help any business become a Customer company. There have been enhancements to: The Salesforce Mobile App for Admins Analytics Sales Cloud Service Cloud Salesforce for Outlook Data.com Communities Desk.com ExactTarget Marketing Cloud Chatter Summer ’14 Detailed Feature List explains each of the new features in detail. This feature list was released by salesforce.com in July ’14. Below is a preview of some of the key features of this release.

Updates from the Salesforce1 World Tour Event

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M&S attended the Salesforce1 World Tour Event in Anaheim, CA on July 15, 2014.  We experienced a lot of excitement within the User Community including Customers, Vendors, Developers around the Salesforce1 Platform. In an era of hyper-connection – billions of people and things and devices are connecting faster than ever, but behind every technology, behind every act, behind every device is the single most important element of all – a CUSTOMER, billions of them each armed with the ability to make choices and decisions at super fast speed – this is an era of INTERNET of CUSTOMERS. In this era, … Read More