Gets A New User Experience and New Features in Winter ’16 Release

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How salesforce will look with it's new UI on different devices

Despite being such a highly used platform,’s user interface has been lacking for quite some time. So, we were excited to hear that they are getting a whole new UI starting October 17, 2015 that is a more modern user experience. This update will also have new features designed to help you sell faster, be more productive, and make better decisions.There will be more than 55 re-imagined Sales Cloud pages and 25 completely new features launching with the Winter ’16 release.

The Lightning Framework allows developers to build slick UI’s using the Lightning Design System, the Lightning App Builder and the Lightning Components.

The initial rollout of the Lightning Experience is focused on core sales features used by salespeople every day. Some of these include;

Activity Feed: Designed to notify salespeople what just happened in an account and what they need to do next.

Contextual Hovers: A 360-degree view of your customer without navigating elsewhere in the application.

Opportunity Board: Gives you a complete picture of all your deals. You can drag and drop deals from stage to stage just like you drag apps on your smartphone.

Customizable Dashboards: You always wanted more columns in your Dashboards, right? Now, with the new Lightning Experience, you can have up to nine columns in your Dashboards.

Sample Screenshots of the new Lightning Experience compared with the old UI:

Comparison of the old and new user interface coming in Winter '16 release

Sales Dashboard-MS

As most of us know, large sweeping changes (especially visual ones) can be met with some resistance. Others love to upgrade to the latest and greatest right away. Thankfully, Salesforce allows you to have control over the roll-out strategy for your organization, as admins can enable Lightning Experience access at the user, profile, and organization level.

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