3 Main Features of Salesforce File Sync

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3 Main Features of Salesforce File Sync

Salesforce File Sync is a Cloud Based Management System that allows users to easily sync files to their salesforce org. The three main features of Salesforce File Sync are:

  • Sync
  • Share
  • Collaborate


To use Salesforce File Sync, users download a desktop application which provides a folder for synced files. Files in the Salesforce File Folder are automatically synced with salesforce and can be accessed from the user’s desktop or the salesforce org.




Users can share synced files using chatter or through an external collaborator using a link.



Once files are shared, people who have access to the file can collaborate with the owner of the file by posting comments to the chatter feed. Those who have been designated as collaborators can also upload new versions of the file.




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