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Explore the Force.com platform with Trailhead

Explore the Force.com platform with Trailhead

Are you a Salesforce.com Administrator, Developer, Solution Architect, or Business Analyst? If you want to learn more about the Force.com...
Microsoft Identity Manager - Coming Soon

Microsoft Identity Manager… Coming Soon

The IDM team at M&S Consulting is excited about Microsoft’s upcoming release / update / rebranding of Forefront Identity Manager to...
Google Apps migration

Google Apps Transfer Between Domains

Our customer recently changed the name of their company, and they wanted to have all of their Google Apps accounts reflect the change. We helped...
Salesforce1 Lightning Overview

Salesforce1 Lightning Overview

Salesforce1 Lightning is the fastest way to build enterprise apps. Introduced in October 2014, Lightning is the newest release of the Salesforce1...
Google Drive sharing options

New Sharing Controls for Google Drive

Security in almost always on the mind of businesses today, but so is collaboration and efficiency. Those three things collide in the cloud and...
Red Rose

Valentine’s Day Word Cloud using Oracle’s Distribution of R

We hope you had a great Valentine’s Weekend! Whether you did or not, we knew people on twitter were talking about the big day so we thought...


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