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M&S offers technology and process solutions through multiple offerings and vehicles. End-to-end solutions, training and mentoring, staffing, and ongoing support.
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M&S reflects a rare combination of out-of-the-box thinkers, deep business acumen, enterprise architectural design/engineering, and software prowess.
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the role of a project sponsor

The Role of a Project Sponsor

More often than not, a project sponsor is thought of somebody whose responsibility is to secure project funds and participate in the victory lap...
Force.com Platform Fundamentals: SOQL and SOSL

Force.com Platform Fundamentals: SOQL and SOSL

SOQL (Salesforce Object Query Language) Use SOQL to construct simple but powerful query strings in the queryString parameter in the query() call,...
Sync Error

Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010 Sync Errors

If you are a heavy SharePoint user, there is a chance you are still running SharePoint Workspace 2010. Today, after months of this tool working...
Force.com Platform Fundamentals: Apex Classes

Force.com Platform Fundamentals: Apex Classes

Apex Classes: An apex class is a blueprint from which Objects are created Classes consist of attributes and methods Classes may contain other...