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Valentine’s Day Word Cloud using Oracle’s Distribution of R

We hope you had a great Valentine’s Weekend! Whether you did or not, we knew people on twitter were talking about the big day so we thought...

SQL Developer Multi-Cursor Editing

Yes! The new multi-cursor editing feature in Oracle SQL Developer 4.1+ is awesome. Especially with SQL queries. Now there is little excuse to...
What is Oracle Fusion Middleware?

What is Oracle Fusion Middleware?

This post is the answer by a Partner at M&S, Ashok Aggarwal, to a question posted on Quora.com. It answers some of the questions that we...

What I Learned From Oracle’s BIWA Summit 2015 (Perspective from a Consulting Intern)

Our Big Data Team, here at M&S, packed up their bags and headed to San Francisco last week for the 2015 Oracle Business Intelligence...
State of the Union Speech Analysis 2015 Barak Obama

Presidential State of the Union Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis is a hot technology in marketing. This analysis parses comments and feedback left on corporate and social media sites and...
Compatibility of AWS EC2 API Actions and IAM Policy Resource-Level Permissions

Compatibility of AWS EC2 API Actions and IAM Policy Resource-Level Permissions

In this blog post I will examine how partial implementation of a feature of IAM policies: resource-level permissions interacts with AWS EC2 API...


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