Cloud and Virtualization

Our experts are brought in to help clients understand options, build a roadmap, and meticulously execute on a sound Cloud IaaS and PaaS vision. In addition to full commercial cloud environments, we have helped with hybrid clouds, private clouds, government clouds, and environments that truly take advantage of true enterprise-ready offerings from leading Cloud platform vendors like AWS.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner

Imagine paying only for the computing resources your company uses, with zero hardware to maintain, and virtually infinite computing power and storage at your beck and call. AWS provides this to businesses, from the single person startup to Netflix, which runs its entire operation on AWS.

We have helped organizations of all sizes leverage the power and dependability of AWS for greater flexibility and uptime. Even more, since M&S is a Channel Reseller, every organization can save a flat percentage on their monthly AWS bill. Talk to us today!

VMware Partner

VMware is one of the most effective turnkey solutions for private cloud. A major commercial success of the software-defined​ datacenter, VMware offers their proprietary ESXi hypervisor for free, and sells a matrix of monitoring and management software, which they package as vCloud Suite. Consult with M&S to build a new private cloud from the ground up or bring your current VMware datacenter to the next level of effectiveness. VMware also recently released an open beta of their version of OpenStack, enabling OpenStack’s powerful APIs to coordinate a VMware datacenter.

M&S Consulting’s Solution Provider Standard partnership with VMware enables our consultants to have hands-on experience with the latest VMware products and features.


We at M&S Consulting take great pride in the attention we give to staying on the cutting edge, which is why we have organized the Docker Pittsburgh meetup.

Docker is a wrapper around your choice of execution environment (e.g. LXC, the built in libcontainer, or libvirt) that allows services to be scaled easily without low hardware utilization or dependency conflicts.


A nearly ubiquitous open source cloud computing platform, OpenStack is differentiated by low upfront cost and an active development community. OpenStack is useful in a wide variety of cases from academic research to corporate data centers. Recently celebrating its third year of development, OpenStack is a quickly developing project with a large development community. From PayPal and Cisco WebEx to CERN, OpenStack has found a home in a variety of places and is proven to be incredibly powerful, as it serves as the basis of RackSpace’s hosting architecture.