Migrating From an On-Premises Infrastructure to a HIPAA Compliant Secure AWS Virtual Private Cloud Infrastructure

THE CHALLENGE M&S Consulting’s private healthcare client recently went through a change in ownership and senior management. As a result, the new leadership was looking to introduce operational efficiencies throughout the organization. From an IT perspective, the organization had stability issues and wanted to reduce the maintenance cost of hardware as well as maintenance required, effectively only requiring IT services on an as-needed basis. THE SOLUTION M&S Consulting worked onsite and face-to-face with key functional units in order to profile their day to day workload. With this profile in hand, it was possible to translate their on-premises workflows into cloud-enabled … Read More

Autoprovisioning LAMP Development and Production Environments with AWS

THE CHALLENGE When the servers responsible for delivering an application to end users can be numerous or few at any given time respective of the current workload the application is experiencing, special concerns must be taken to ensure development doesn’t grind to a halt whenever the simplest of changes are ready for production. When the people responsible for said servers are few and concerned with what’s more important to them, serving end users, operations can’t grind to a halt because of an infrastructure upgrade. THE SOLUTION Automation delivered from these issues; automation of development environment provisioning so that each developer … Read More