Install Oracle Apex 3.2 on XE and XP Pro – Video Walkthrough Tutorial

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This tutorial is a supplement to the install video linked to below. It takes you through the process of installing and verifying APEX version 3.2 installed to an Oracle XE database on a Windows XP Professional computer.


High Level Steps

1. Ensure you are logged into Windows XP with Administrator rights
2. Create home directory for APEX and extract software to that directory (0:50)
3. Using SQLPLUS, install the APEX software against the XE database you already installed (2:31)


4. Change the APEX ADMIN account password (4:35)


5. Run the image loader script (5:25)

@apxldimg.sql C:\temp

6. Verify the install was applied properly. (6:36)

The times in parenthesis are the approximate start times for that step in the video.

Note: The password being used is “Consult1ng” (without the quotes)

Notes and Resources

The APEX software can be downloaded from this location: APEX Download

The compressed file is universal, and can be used against any supported Oracle database product that is version 9 or newer.

The APEX homepage also contains links to documentation and samples you can use. Some of these will be the subject of future tutorial articles and videos.

APEX Downloads – All OS’s

Oracle XE download article

Oracle XE Install Tutorial


In the video we touch on the arguments for the APEX install command. We installed a full developers environment. You can also install APEX in a run time mode. The primary difference is that in run time mode, the users cannot edit the applications, only run them.

The developer mode install command is:  @apexins

The run time mode install command is: @apxrtins

The arguments you provide are formally:

<install command> <tablespace_apex> <tablespace_files> <tablespace_temp> <images dir>

What this distills down to is you must provide the name of the tablespace that is to be used for the APEX system, the files system, and the temp space, as well as a directory for the SQL images. The ones listed in the video (SYSAUX SYSAUX TEMP /i/) are the recommended ones by Oracle for a clean install. If you are upgrading, or had different tablespaces, you would substitute those in where needed.

The full explanation of them is also in the formal documentation.

The APEX login screen does differ a little bit from the base one we saw in the Oracle XE tutorial. With the release of APEX 3, you now must supply a workspace name at login. In this tutorial, we used the SYSTEM workspace to login to, as it is the default space for the SYSTEM user.

17 Comments on “Install Oracle Apex 3.2 on XE and XP Pro – Video Walkthrough Tutorial”

  1. Hi,

    Its really awesome of you to provide such a video for beggineers and it as much of help.Really its very nice of you.

    Same way hope you provide some of the basic things i mean reports and stuff at the early stages

  2. Hi Kranthi,

    Thank you for your kind comments. We have focused on videos for APEX advanced tutorials thus far, but we will discuss your request for more basic information to be added as well. We are adding valuable content regularly and glad that you have found this useful.

  3. Thanks!

    These tutorials are really nice. I have gotten APEX 3.2 on 10g using the PL/SQL gateway working via the http server in XML DB. Even though this is not an “officially” supported configuration by Oracle (they support apex on 10g with an external web server) it works fine…hopefully this little step-by-step will help others wrestling with the common issues like images not displaying, annoying pop-ups, etc. etc.

    Thanks again!

  4. Hi MS,
    That’s really a great effort.
    I blindfoldedly installed migrated Oracle apex from 2.0 to 3.2 without any problems.

    I really appreciate your effort in creating a nice video.

    Thanks for your video.

    Subramanian Kaushik Gurumoorthy

  5. Great tutotial, but at the end I had to log into apex using sys and not system. I recieved the same result though (Application Express at the bottom right hand of the screen.

  6. At last! a tutorial which explains everything!

    And you make it look so easy as well 🙂

    Very well doen chaps 🙂

  7. hi,
    i have successfully installed the apex 3.2 ,but wen i try to connect to database using WORKSPACE:SYSTEM,USERNAME:SYSTEM AND PASSWORD:MANAGER…I am not able to log-in..please let me know how to overcome this problem..

  8. This helps lot for beginners to design a APEX report with parameters. This is really good for beginners, I appreciate the effort and time they have spent to prepare this session.

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