FreeQL – Free Oracle SQL Select Statements

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M&S Consulting has begun a revolutionary service where we will write Oracle SQL statements for FREE. We have named this service FreeQLTM.


Everyone wants enterprise technology without spending money…well, we’re giving it to you!

Who can use FreeQL?

Anybody can request an Oracle SQL statement to be written, as complex as you desire. You must provide a valid, non-free email address that we will use to communicate with you. Unfortunately, we get a fair amount of spam. That means that we generally will not entertain requests from gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc.

What’s the catch?

There is NO CATCH! You are welcome to engage us on a project, refer us to a potential customer, or make a small payment if you desire, though that is not a requirement.

With years in the business writing high performing, very practical SQL statements for Oracle customers (many in the business intelligence space), we want to share our knowledge and get the word out about our skills, ability, and friendly business style.

I’m in. Now what?

Simply populate the below form (all fields are required) and we will respond to you with SQL.

    Your Name

    Your Email

    How Did You Find Us?

    (This is how you would describe what you need in less than 8 words)

    Detailed Description of Your Desired SQL Logic

    Required Objects for Testing SQL Code
    (i.e. table CREATE statements and row INSERT statements)

    Additional Notes

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