Togetherness: Better Employee Engagement and Retention

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In the digital era, companies are running behind if they still choose to manage their employees manually. Even for companies that do go digital, sometimes security concerns and poor employee engagement arise depending on how the employer maintains their data. According to Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends 2016 report, 92 percent of participants saw a need to redesign their organization to improve employee engagement and retention and build a meaningful culture. This same survey found that 82 percent of respondents see culture as a competitive advantage, driving innovation, and employee behavior.

We’ve all seen or heard the horror stories of poor oversight of data that should have been confidential. Instances occur where these oversights could cause serious damage.  For example, an employee who has left the company but still had access to sensitive data could wipe or befoul data. Imagine a situation where an employee can access sensitive personal information about their peers. As a result, there can be immeasurable consequences if there is any malicious intent. Storing all data in one location in which all employees have access can have dreadful outcomes.

Utilizing spreadsheets can be an invaluable tool with endless possibilities; however, they are not the best solution to maintain sensitive information, especially about your employees. Security precautions are impossible to implement unless there are multiple spreadsheets for each piece of data. How nice would it be if there were a possibility to keep all data safely stored in one place while only granting your employees access to the relevant information they need? You have found the solution.

Togetherness, hosted by the Salesforce platform, is an app designed to exactly address these security concerns. Togetherness is a great addition to your Salesforce organization because it can delegate access across your organization with ease, having features to manage your employee’s data safely. The app’s capabilities efficiently provide HR personnel with the data and tools they need. The app’s design also allows you to measure employees’ performance, track historical data, and hear what your employees have to say. With Togetherness, you can see a 360-degree view of your employees’ journey across your company. The app also provides a much better cost-benefit for your company since you already invested in your Salesforce organization. Do so much more with your data and keep your peace of mind knowing it’s all secured. Togetherness is a simple, easy-to-use app that will deepen the relationship between employees and supervisors. Get ready to revolutionize how to manage what’s important for your organization and redesign more than just your company’s culture.

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