Industrial Internet of Things Platform Comparison

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IoT Matrix diagram

Last updated June 12, 2017. Published on February 8, 2016. The market for Internet of Things (IoT) platforms is rapidly evolving. With an ever increasing number of available platforms to choose from, we decided it would be helpful to lay out their features and capabilities for easy comparison. To complete our matrix, we used the following criteria: a major IoT player with a platform that has real-world success implementing industrial use cases. The first section gives general information about the various platforms, including the platform name, the Platform as a Service (PaaS) used, and the date the platform became available. Most were … Read More

IDaaS – Vendor + Product + Feature Matrix – November 2016

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As the world of IDaaS continues to evolve at a rapid pace, we’ve put together the latest IDaaS vendor – product – feature matrix for the largest active vendors in the IDaaS space. This information is current as of November 2016 and is put together by a combination of real world industry experiences, documentation reviews and other available information… IBM and Oracle are of note this year for every different reasons. IBM has recently consolidated it’s platform and added many of the emerging technologies into their platforms to offer what appears on paper as the strongest offering, while Oracle has … Read More

On-Premises Identity & Access Management – Vendor + Product + Feature Matrix

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As with any packaged, on-premises suite, finding the best Identity Management products for your enterprise is a not a trivial task. This is especially true when different products from different vendors, that accomplish different objectives or services, have remarkably similar (and therefore confusing) naming conventions. To make matters worse, not unlike other COTS enterprise suites, the ‘cloudification’ of these products has begun and many vendors have started to offer a version of these products as a PaaS or SaaS offering. Additionally, many of these vendors also offer an IaaS type deployment of these packaged products in their on-prem form. M&S has … Read More Gets A New User Experience and New Features in Winter ’16 Release

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How salesforce will look with it's new UI on different devices

Despite being such a highly used platform,’s user interface has been lacking for quite some time. So, we were excited to hear that they are getting a whole new UI starting October 17, 2015 that is a more modern user experience. This update will also have new features designed to help you sell faster, be more productive, and make better decisions.There will be more than 55 re-imagined Sales Cloud pages and 25 completely new features launching with the Winter ’16 release. The Lightning Framework allows developers to build slick UI’s using the Lightning Design System, the Lightning App Builder and … Read More

Data Lake Practical Techniques: Part 1 – Introduction

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Data Lake Practical Techniques: Part 1 – Introduction

“Data Lake” is one of the current hot topics in Big Data with lots of press and little practical content. A big part of the confusion and controversy arises from the tension between hype and common sense.  Proponents promise phenomenal insights and actionable predictions about customer behavior, employee behavior, doctors’ handwritten diagnostic notes and so on. Basically, they claim you dump documents and data into the lake and let the algorithms make sense of it all. Of course, that’s patent nonsense. Unfortunately, the hype obscures some real value in the data lake concept. In this and following posts we’ll see … Read More

Explore the platform with Trailhead

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Explore the platform with Trailhead

Are you a Administrator, Developer, Solution Architect, or Business Analyst? If you want to learn more about the platform, explore Trailhead. Trailhead is an innovative way to learn about the platform — whether you are new to the platform or want to dive deep, you can test your knowledge of the platform while earning points and badges to celebrate your achievements. There are about 18 different modules (as of Apr ’15) you can pick and choose from. Each module consists of different tutorials and challenges. Some important modules are listed below: Basics Formulas and Validations UI Customization … Read More

Salesforce1 Lightning Overview

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Salesforce1 Lightning Overview

Salesforce1 Lightning is the fastest way to build enterprise apps. Introduced in October 2014, Lightning is the newest release of the Salesforce1 Platform. Lightning is one monolithic app built on a component framework that can be leveraged to build enterprise apps very rapidly. The Salesforce1 mobile app was entirely rebuilt using Lightning components. Some features of the Salesforce1 mobile app include: Responsive UI across devices Component-based apps Highly extensible and customizable Available everywhere (on smartphones, tablets, within a desktop client aka web browser)   Salesforce1 Lightning comprises of: Lightning Connect Lightning Process Builder Lightning Components Lightning App Builder Lightning Connect … Read More

What I Learned From Oracle’s BIWA Summit 2015 (Perspective from a Consulting Intern)

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Our Big Data Team, here at M&S, packed up their bags and headed to San Francisco last week for the 2015 Oracle Business Intelligence Warehousing and Analytics Summit. Some of the major topics discussed included: Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, and Advanced Analytics. The Internet of Things (IoT) is at the peak of Gartner’s Hype Cycle. It is becoming increasingly talked about and there are predictions of billions and billions of sensors by 2020. But what exactly is IoT? IoT involves embedded computing devices interconnected with existing internet infrastructure, such as, wearables and connected cars. Why the hype right … Read More