Salesforce: 3 Simple Solutions to Solve Common Problems

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Here’s the problem: Your company has been using Salesforce for a couple of years now, but it’s too complicated. You are getting complaints that the interface is complex and that it’s taking sales away from actually selling.

“The Salesforce interface is difficult.”

Consider a redesign that capitalizes on what your users engage with the most. Have you leveraged dynamic forms? See here for an excellent Salesforce Ben overview and tutorial about dynamic forms written by Christine Marshall:

Users encounter faulty errors.

Make sure the error messages have enough information so the users know exactly what can be done to resolve the issue. This is a simple task that can be managed by an in-house Salesforce administrator or business analyst. If there are other errors that relate to integrations or more complex systems, then hiring a consulting company to take a holistic look is beneficial.

Salesforce challenges take sales away from selling.

“It takes too long to input information.”

“The list of required fields is cumbersome and lengthy.”

Run the org’s Salesforce Optimizer. It provides valuable insights into field usage.

Our team of Salesforce experts at M&S Consulting has more than 500,000 hours of hands-on experience and 15+ years of guiding clients through their Salesforce projects. We’d be happy to provide a free consultation to identify underutilized features and additional ways to simplify the interface, eliminate faulty errors, and free up sales time for more selling. Salesforce is a great investment and has the potential for outstanding returns. Let’s work together to help realize those returns.

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