A Kickin’ [Interactive] Map

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A Kickin' Map

Mountaineer United Soccer Club (MUSC) came to us with a problem. Not a cloud (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS), big data, Oracle, or enterprise application problem; a different kind of problem. The field maps they had showing off their various soccer fields were very rudimentary with some not-to-scale representations of the play spaces. They lacked visual appeal that people desire when it comes to maps. They asked us to update the maps so so they had a bit more visual interest, so we took on the challenge and did a bit of research. We had some good design ideas for the map.

Before M&S:
After M&S:

[message_box title=”Interactive Map” color=”green”]CLICK HERE for the interactive map.[/message_box]

Google Drive App for iOS Gets a New Look

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Google Drive App Update

The Google Drive app on iOS devices like iPhones and iPads is becoming increasingly important to businesses as they adopt Google Apps at an amazingly fast pace. In anticipation of the Apple iOS release, Google released a new update to its Google Drive app. Noticing the new icon changing from “black” to “white” (see below), we decided to show some before and after screen captures. In addition to providing a preview as well as a comparison to those who are yet to perform the upgrade, we thought it would also be interesting to see the subtleties in the UI improvements, … Read More

Day 1 as a New Intern

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Its nearly impossible to know what to expect from day one on a new job, especially when its your first professional job. There is the cliche of getting coffee and making copies as the new intern, which I’m sure is something that actually happens to a few individuals out there. I was confident that that wouldn’t be my reality. Thankfully it was far from it. My first day started off pretty typical, getting to the office around 9, standing around awkwardly, very briefly mind you, until I was shown the way to my desk. I was handed a laptop and … Read More

Liferay – Transparency Equals Comfort

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The open source movement has been amazing in the enterprise. We have been working with Liferay for a while now, and find it to be getting better each day. The nice thing is, we can literally see it get better each day with direct access to the source over the web along with detailed commits and much more than ever anticipated we would ever know about our enterprise solutions. I believe that this is an example of transparency that makes the open source environment even more compelling. Not only are these capabilities helping move along the open source environment and … Read More

Enterprise, Dynamic Web Form Generation – Formulator

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We are working on an interesting project dynamically generating web forms for the enterprise. We have done this many times in the past, but this time, we are taking dynamic form generation to a new level. The scale, architecture, flexibility, and robust functionality that we are building is exciting. In its simplest form, we are allowing an enterprise entity to be mapped to web forms dynamically, along with both an administrative and end-user interfaces to manage the process. Here is a draft we are customizing for a customer (the actual implementation looks even more interesting/fresh). I have talked to some … Read More