Microsoft Identity Manager… Coming Soon

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Microsoft Identity Manager - Coming Soon

The IDM team at M&S Consulting is excited about Microsoft’s upcoming release / update / rebranding of Forefront Identity Manager to Microsoft Identity Manager. We’ve stood up a lab using the latest (as of this writing) CTP3 and so far have enjoyed playing around with the various new features and wanted to share our quick thoughts. Outside of the modernization and support for the latest platforms and infrastructure, such as, Server 2012 R2, SharePoint 2013, SQL Sever 2014, Microsoft has included several new features to add to the product offering. These include Privileged Account Management / Access and Cloud and … Read More

Oracle Identity Management 11gR1 vs. 11gR2 Packages

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Many of our customers get hung up on the release cycles, version numbers, and included products of Oracle’s Identity Management offerings. Following is a quick breakdown of the latest versions of Oracle’s Identity Management products included in both 11gR1 and 11gR2 organized as the downloadable software packages. Most of Oracle’s Identity Management products can be licensed as either a part of a suite or individually, however, some can only be licensed individually. The packages have changed significantly between 11gR1 and 11gR2 and some 11gR2 licensing suites include 11gR1 products….confused yet? Don’t worry, we can help. Let’s Talk. Oracle Identity Management … Read More

OIM AD Trusted Recon Job – java.naming.factory.initial Exception

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Recently, we configured OIM with MTS (Multiple Trusted Sources) by making AD the authoritative source for the email address attribute. As per requirements, we also added an additional domain attribute to the AD reconciliation process and provisioned additional attributes to AD.   Shortly thereafter our email address updates from AD stop propagating and our AD Trusted Recon job started throwing the following exception…….   [2012-04-19T17:56:23.032-04:00] [oim_server1] [ERROR] [] [OIMCP.ADCS] [tid: OIMQuartzScheduler_Worker-10] [userId: oiminternal] [ecid: 0000JRBfdRo7y0lqwsFg6G1F^4pi000002,0] [APP: oim#] com.thortech.xl.integration.ActiveDirectory.tcADUtilLDAPController : searchResultPageEnum [2012-04-19T17:56:23.032-04:00] [oim_server1] [ERROR] [] [OIMCP.ADCS] [tid: OIMQuartzScheduler_Worker-10] [userId: oiminternal] [ecid: 0000JRBfdRo7y0lqwsFg6G1F^4pi000002,0] [APP: oim#] Need to specify class name in … Read More

Google Drops Several API’s

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If you haven’t yet heard, last week Google created quite a stir in the developer community when they announced that they would deprecate / discontinue 18 of it’s API’s including the popular Translate API. One of the sited reasons for the deprecation was “Extensive  Abuse” of it’s Translate API, but something tells me there’s more to this story, one that involves simply cutting their losses on a couple lesser-used and often-abused API’s.   Polarizing Reactions In almost instantaneous  fashion, Developers all over the web sounded of in a very polarizing fashion. Blog posts  and comments such as  “Why Should anyone ever use … Read More

SSIS Tip – Xpath for Root Level Attributes (XML Tasks)

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For some reason, SSIS’s XML Data source does not allow you to directly access root level attributes. Therefore, we’ve got to use a XML Task and variables in order to pull this data in. Create a variable for every attribute, use the string data type (change later in data flow if need be) Use the following example (fill your own Xpath in the Second Operand) This example will only pull in one value. Should there be multiple attributes with the same name, you’ll have to use a Foreach loop.

Using Oracle ADF EJB PersistObject

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While demoing out some ADF faces functionality to the team, I forgot that in order to build a form to save an object to the DB using the persistObject method you should… 1. Build the ADF Parameter Form using the Object’s Constructors from the Data Control. 2. Bind a button to the persistObject data control….. drag the persistObject data control onto the page and select ADF Button. 3. On the Action Binding screen, in the value column provide #{bindings.ObjectIterator.currentRow.dataProvider} as the value for parameter or use the EL builder to find the Iterator used by the form and bind it … Read More

SSIS Tip – Xpath from a C# Script Task

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At some point you may need to use Xpath from within a script task rather than using Integration Services built in XML Task’s Xpath functionality. Here’s how I implemented it. The primary limitation is that it will only return a single value, but this can be adjusted to return multiple values easily. Chances are you’ll already be using a  script task, but incase you don’t, start with a standard Script Task (this can be either a Control Flow Script Task or a Data Flow Script Task). Don’t forget to set your ReadOnly / ReadWrite variables. Here’s the boilerplate code for using … Read More

SSIS Tip – Read from Variables to Rows in Data Flow using Script Task

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Reading from variables to augment rows with data from variables isn’t readily apparent in SSIS. A workaround I found was to use a script task right before your OLE DB Destination and access the SSIS variable objects directly. Script Task Setup Start with a standard Script Task in your data flow. Add columns to your output in the ‘Inputs and Outputs’ tab, set the names and output data types appropriately Access Variables in your ‘main’ script section by using the following code IDTSVariables100 vars = null; //Gets reference to the SSIS Variables this.VariableDispenser.LockOneForRead(“session”, ref vars);//Locks the Variable in quotes, for Read … Read More