Who is M&S?

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We are asked this question quite a lot. M&S is a brand, as opposed to an acronym (i.e. Management and Strategy) that stands for something specific. Of the many qualities that define us, following are some of the important and unique qualities that make M&S who we are:

  • A diverse group of extremely smart, adaptable people that work well with everybody and in any environment
  • A flexible work place, and in many ways an Adhocracy with underpinnings of a “starfish” organization, where individuals carry a great deal of responsibility and autonomy
  • A rare blend of undeniable success through any challenge, unmatched work ethic, deliberately balanced work-life equilibrium, and true professionals who understand the power of results when combined with integrity, kindness, and respect for people in business

The M&S business model is created from the ground up to deliver repeated success, consistently: a great benefit to our organization and yours.

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