IntelliQuote is a robust enterprise solution focused on product, quote, and contract management. IntelliQuote was originally designed with features required for the complex world of enterprise telecommunications providers selling voice, data, and internet. However, the catalog capabilities and quoting engine can be easily customized (and stripped down) to serve many industries and use cases.


  • Under development with lessons learned for over 10 years at multiple telecommunications clients
  • Developed in Microsoft ASP.NET and Oracle DB technologies from the ground-up

Design Principles

  • Pricing is unique to specific markets, individuals, customers, and the value of specific opportunities
  • Discount products are confusing, especially when combined
  • Data model is critical: achieve simplicity alongside flexibility, resiliency, scalability, and performance
  • In fact, these characteristics come hand-in-hand with a good data architecture
  • Revenue growth (sales) and market demands (marketing) must converge for success, and this requires both constant and rapid adjustments to pricing rules