IE and JavaScript – You can’t make this stuff up

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We are implementing a portal framework which works just fine in FireFox, but seems to act less-than-optimally in IE. Any web designers and developers know exactly what I am talking about. In researching some of the JavaScript errors that IE had identified, we found a reference to a line number in the hundreds-of-millions that I couldn’t help but share. This is one case where I would have had more fun reading “Line #: fat chance finding this one, buddy“.

Using Oracle ADF EJB PersistObject

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While demoing out some ADF faces functionality to the team, I forgot that in order to build a form to save an object to the DB using the persistObject method you should… 1. Build the ADF Parameter Form using the Object’s Constructors from the Data Control. 2. Bind a button to the persistObject data control….. drag the persistObject data control onto the page and select ADF Button. 3. On the Action Binding screen, in the value column provide #{bindings.ObjectIterator.currentRow.dataProvider} as the value for parameter or use the EL builder to find the Iterator used by the form and bind it … Read More

ADF Table Row Selection Event Update Form

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One of the UI requirements in a recent ADF project was to use an ADF Read-Only Table and its built-in functionality (row selection, filtering and sorting) to allow a user to find a row, select it, then automatically have a form on the same page be updated with the data from the row selected for updating and saving. Let’s run though how to implement this… 1. Build the ADF Read-Only table by dragging the appropriate data control onto the view. Ensure you enable the appropriate ADF behaviors on the Edit Table Columns screen. Row Selection is required, but Filtering & Sorting is optional … Read More

Custom-Built Java vs. Open-Source Portal (like Liferay) – What Should I Do?

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You are not alone. Many organizations are going through the same analysis and process. There are many possible options/variables to consider, but “should I roll-my-own custom site vs. leverage [open-source] products?” is one of the most common questions to answer today when considering a new web project. Following is a quick list of reasons you might want to consider choosing one over the other. Custom-Built Solution Complete Flexibility: Build a relevant solution without any, or many, compromises — whatever compromises you do make will likely be based on time and money as opposed to wrestling the wisdom of someone else’s … Read More

Oracle ADF vs. Other Java Web Frameworks

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To extend on an earlier blog posts by a colleague here at M&S, I’m a firm believer in using different technologies in different situations. Trying to make a technology ‘work’ when another is clearly a better choice is very often a critical mistake. Reasons why these decisions get made are numerous (familiarity with a technology, existing infrastructure, etc). With that said, my own take on ADF vs. other Java web frameworks (such as Grails) is actual a lot more black & white than I thought it would be. While ADF enables typical CRUD functionality quickly and efficiently, it’s abstraction from the … Read More

Four Middleware 11g Servers — Here we go!

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We just started into installs for four middleware servers for a customer. These will each run DB, WebLogic, IdM, SOA/BPM, UCM, and WebCenter — all 11g. There’s nothing like getting fresh, fast, functionally-useless hardware and turning it into a powerful piece of problem-solving equipment. – Historic M&S Dogma

Gmail (or Google Apps Email) Undo Send

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If you use Gmail for personal or business, I recommend enabling the “Undo Send” feature in your labs settings. It flashes a bar where you can cancel sending your message for a few seconds which really helps, since apparently, it is normal brain function to only remember that one little thing after you have clicked send. I have a theory on it, though. We likely have a small rush of adrenaline each time an email is sent that triggers a moment clarity in thought the moment we “pull the [send] trigger”. I haven’t had a crazed moment like Bridgestone’s new … Read More