A Kickin’ [Interactive] Map

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A Kickin' Map

Mountaineer United Soccer Club (MUSC) came to us with a problem. Not a cloud (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS), big data, Oracle, or enterprise application problem; a different kind of problem. The field maps they had showing off their various soccer fields were very rudimentary with some not-to-scale representations of the play spaces. They lacked visual appeal that people desire when it comes to maps. They asked us to update the maps so so they had a bit more visual interest, so we took on the challenge and did a bit of research. We had some good design ideas for the map.

Before M&S:
After M&S:

[message_box title=”Interactive Map” color=”green”]CLICK HERE for the interactive map.[/message_box]

Bigmon Cloud Monitoring Saved My Site

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Over the years, the M&S Consulting site has grown quite a bit. We have hundreds of blog articles and have retired more pages of content than are currently active. By introducing Bigmon Cloud into our environment, we realized — to our surprise — that our site was one of the slower loading sites when compared to other sites we have built, either for internal project or customers. By using Bigmon metrics reporting and trending, we were able to test mechanisms for speeding up the site and moving performance into a place we felt was acceptable. Then, we were able to … Read More

Virtual Machines for Development – VMWare Player, VMWare ESXi, VMWare Workstation, Oracle Virtualbox

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I had been using VMWare Server 2 for a few years now. It was free and provided extra features that were not present in VMWare Player. Unfortunately I found out that VMWare Server is no longer going to be supported as of June 2011. I needed to make a decision quickly so I could stand up a Linux CentOS VM to run a memory intensive software stack. For me VMWare Server probably would not have worked anyway because of memory and processor restrictions. I decided to look to 3 different solutions to get me up and running quickly, VMWare Player, … Read More

Four Middleware 11g Servers — Here we go!

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We just started into installs for four middleware servers for a customer. These will each run DB, WebLogic, IdM, SOA/BPM, UCM, and WebCenter — all 11g. There’s nothing like getting fresh, fast, functionally-useless hardware and turning it into a powerful piece of problem-solving equipment. – Historic M&S Dogma

Oracle Identity Management IdM/OID 11g Patch Set 3 (PS3) Download for Windows, Linux, etc.

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Unlike WebCenter, SOA/BPM, WebLogic Server, and other products in the recent Middleware 11g PS3 release from Oracle, Identity Management 11g PS3 ( is not yet available as a full download on oracle.com yet. What you need to do until they get the uploads posted is download from the Identity Management 11g download page and then download from My Oracle Support (aka Metalink) by finding patch set 11060980. I know it took me a little to find this, so hopefully this helps someone until the release is available on the public-facing website.

Liferay IDE Installation and Development on Windows

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My experience is that Liferay 6.x is excellent. It is even better with the addition of Liferay IDE. This guide walks through the following topics related to setting up your local Windows environment for Liferay development using Liferay IDE: Installing Liferay IDE Liferay Plugins SDK Installation and Configuration in Liferay IDE Liferay Portal Configuration in Liferay IDE Developing and Deploying HelloWorld Portlet in Liferay IDE [message_box title=”Free Download” color=”green”] Please complete the following for access to the download. [/message_box] Software and versions used for the screenshots in this tutorial are: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit Eclipse Helios 3.6.x Liferay IDE 1.1.x … Read More

Enterprise, Dynamic Web Form Generation – Formulator

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We are working on an interesting project dynamically generating web forms for the enterprise. We have done this many times in the past, but this time, we are taking dynamic form generation to a new level. The scale, architecture, flexibility, and robust functionality that we are building is exciting. In its simplest form, we are allowing an enterprise entity to be mapped to web forms dynamically, along with both an administrative and end-user interfaces to manage the process. Here is a draft we are customizing for a customer (the actual implementation looks even more interesting/fresh). I have talked to some … Read More