TOAD for Oracle 9 or TOAD 10 – 64-bit Windows – ORA-12154: could not resolve the connect identifier specified or ORA-6413: connection not open

AshokTechnical Tips86 Comments

I recently downloaded the new 10.x version of TOAD and could not connect to my databases. Still running TOAD 9.x, no problem. This really threw me off for a minute, so I thought I would share the resolution. You are likely running a 64-bit Windows OS and have installed TOAD into C:\Program Files (x86)\…. I simply copied over my entire Quest Software directory from C:\Program Files (x86)\… to C:\Program Files\…, and restarted the TOAD.exe. Everything is working great, without having to reinstall anything. PS: Not sure who to blame here. Vendors (like Oracle and TOAD) should know Microsoft is capable … Read More