Exporting Negative Numbers from OBIEE to Excel 2007+

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Exporting Negative Numbers from OBIEE to Excel 2007+

If you’re trying to export numeric values in OBIEE to Excel 2007+, you may notice there are issues when you attempt to sum a column that has negative numbers. This problem will occur if you have a negative number’s font color set to red. Excel 2007 disregards those values when directly exported whereas if you export to Excel 2003 you will not have this issue but will lose some of the formatting from OBIEE. Proposed is an easy solution to implement that will allow users to have useful data and not be limited to where they can export to. The Problem: … Read More

Adding an Alias table within the BI physical layer using Oracle BI Administration Tool

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When you are starting to put together a business layer from a physical data layer that has tables with self-referential integrity, you may find aliasing the table helpful in laying out the clean data model. The example below uses an EMPLOYEE to MANAGER relationship on the EMPLOYEE table where the MANAGER_ID references back to the EMPLOYEE_ID on the same EMPLOYEE table. Using the alias feature helps separate these self-referential relationships into their own tables and allows ease of use on the presentation layer. We will be working with tables from the HR Schema (In the Oracle APEX XE Database) to … Read More

Oracle Identity Management 11gR1 vs. 11gR2 Packages

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Many of our customers get hung up on the release cycles, version numbers, and included products of Oracle’s Identity Management offerings. Following is a quick breakdown of the latest versions of Oracle’s Identity Management products included in both 11gR1 and 11gR2 organized as the downloadable software packages. Most of Oracle’s Identity Management products can be licensed as either a part of a suite or individually, however, some can only be licensed individually. The packages have changed significantly between 11gR1 and 11gR2 and some 11gR2 licensing suites include 11gR1 products….confused yet? Don’t worry, we can help. Let’s Talk. Oracle Identity Management … Read More

Oracle 12c!?

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Many people do not know that Oracle versions represent something more than just an incremented number. People have been saying 8i, 9i, 10g, and 11g for years, conditioning their brains to forget even asking what the meaning or thought is behind the *letter* at the end of the version number, just as many people commonly use other technology acronyms so commonly while forgetting their expanded versions, like TCP, AJAX, SOAP, and so on. So, as Oracle may set to announce new versions and releases of big products in the coming week, we turn our sights to the version 12 release? … Read More

Oracle Invests Over $1 Billion in Middleware 11g

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Oracle’s 11g Middleware management has thrown out a stat that might make your head spin. If it doesn’t, it probably should a little. For the Middleware 11g product line, they have spent over 16,000,000 (sixteen million) hours on quality assurance and testing. You can do some various forms of computation, but that gets me somewhere to a minimum cost near half-a-billion dollars on testing. They claim something similar for development time (over 10,000 person years which — by my calculations — is even more than 16,000,000 hours). So, I think Oracle is telling us they have spent over $1 billion … Read More