Complete Fusion Middleware 11g environment setup

We have recently been working on and completed an entire Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g environment setup for a customer: Identity Management WebCenter (Framework and Services) SOA Suite UCM This article is part of the recent work short blurb series.

Deciding where to use BPEL vs ESB

I just had a discussion with an M&S SOA Architect about the advantages and disadvantages of BPEL vs ESB, and more importantly, where to use which in practical business scenarios. This article is part of the recent work short blurb series.

Invalid Nested Schema Loading Error with Oracle BPEL, AIA/PIP

I faced this issue in the context of building an Application Business Connector Service (ABCS) using AIA / PIP, so there was a good message design where Business Objects were in a separate schema, embedded in a schema with Message definitions, which was itself embedded into a bpel project.

Oracle BPEL Sensors for Real Time Event Publishing from Business Processes – A Design Perspective

This article is a look at Oracle’s BPEL Sensor approach to publishing real time data and events for in flight BPEL Processes.

Oracle BPEL has tried to fill a gap in the BPEL Spec using sensors. Specifically, sensors allow users to overlay listeners on BPEL tasks and process variables that will generate events out of a process that is being executed. This is definitely a step in the right direction, and does a good job of staying true to the BPEL specification. This document will define what sensors are, how they should be designed into BPEL Processes, and a future outlook of event models.

Asynchronous vs Synchronous BPEL Processes

Asynchronous and Synchronous BPEL processes, as their names imply, process a request in parallel or sequenctially respectively.

Screenshot: Invoke Asynchronous BPEL Process (left) and Synchronous BPEL Process (right)

BPEL Database Polling – Oracle SOA 10.1.3.x in JDeveloper (Asynchronous)

Polling for changes in a database has been a requirement for systems for a very long time. With Oracle BPEL, of course, this need exists and we will review one way you can go about this:


Create a BPEL that would poll the database periodically for records with a specific flag.

Step-by-Step Walkthrough with Screenshots Integration – Oracle Fusion Middleware SOA and BPEL

Oracle Corporation has recently published a white paper written by M&S Consulting, where we take the opportunity to outline an integration approach to using Oracle BPEL.

A Technical Case Study – Creating an Oracle BPEL adapter to integrate with – Feb 2009

Below is the introduction to the article, which goes on to detail (with step-by-step screenshots) how to achieve integration with…