ColdFusion 9 on Linux 64-bit with Oracle WebLogic

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ColdFusion installation on Oracle WebLogic is supported, and 64-bit support is also available. Per Adobe, following are some points to note about this setup: The majority of the functionality and features of ColdFusion run on 64-bit platforms; however, certain features including ColdFusion COM interoperability, ColdFusion Delphi interoperability, and Microsoft Access database connectivity do not work on a ColdFusion 64-bit platform. A few other features, such as ColdFusion .NET integration services and database drivers currently run in 32-bit mode. Click here for details on CF 9 System Requirements and Support Matrix. If we get some time, we’ll try to post detailed … Read More

WebLogic and WebCenter SSO with IIS – Windows Native Authentication (WNA), SPNEGO using Active Directory (AD)

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Setting up Windows Native Authentication (with Kerberos) Single Sign-On (SSO) within WebLogic can be tricky. One way to accomplish this is to use IIS to front-end the WebLogic cluster. You need to use an IISIdentityAsserter in this scenario. Using an Identity Asserter based on HTTP headers has security implications and it’s important to ensure the communications are locked down between the IIS front-end to the WebLogic cluster. I don’t have much time to type more about this, but was excited about some recent work and wanted to get a quick post up in reference to this.

Oracle Portal Broken with iPhone

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SSL with Oracle Application Server WebCache and iPhone The latest iPhone update appears to have broken some SSL-enabled OracleAS sites. We have been working through finding a solution for an Oracle Portal customer of ours and it has been fairly hairy. On at least one of the environments, we have found a solution. We can likely help if you have been having an issue with your SSL handshakes.