Resetting Oracle APEX Admin Password – Video Walkthrough Tutorial

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Oracle recommends that the password for the Oracle APEX administrator be changed on new installations, or on migrations from runtime to developers mode. They state that in an upgrade scenario the existing password is preserved. That being said, there are times you need to change the password outside of these situations, and the process is fairly simple.

Oracle APEX – Returned, Reloaded, and Ready

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It’s a well known and established fact that one of the only constants in life is change

It wasn’t that long ago (it seems) that I was asked to look at Oracle APEX and Oracle XE for work, and devise a tutorial for it’s installation and beginner use. It has been almost a year since then, and I find myself revisiting it after my last project. In that short amount of time there have been a few rather large changes. While Oracle XE is still at 10g, where it was originally, the APEX system itself has undergone 2 fairly large updates, going from the 3.0.1 version I orginally was working with to, 3.1, and now 3.2 being the current version.

Upgrading from 3.0.1 to 3.2 is supposed to be smooth, but we shall test and see for ourselves.

After all, if I can’t change with the times, the times won’t stop changing for me.

Oracle APEX 3.2 Download – Application Express for Windows, Linux, etc.

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Oracle APEX 3.2, the latest of the APEX downloads, is available on as of February 27, 2009. This is the first point release since 3.1, which was on February 29, 2008.

Oracle APEX 3.2 Download for Windows, Linux, etc. (102,055,191 bytes)

After you download, check our blog often (register for our feeds or even our newsletter) as we will provide very valuable content on APEX for beginners as well as experienced implementers.

Oracle XE and APEX: Initial Impressions

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It seems that Oracle has seen a need for, and developed a product for the entry level business that doesn’t require a huge investment in hardware or software knowledge. This is Oracle APEX, or APplication EXpress. At first glance it seems to be a streamlined melding of other Oracle products (I can see bits of Application Server and Portal in it) It requires much less knowledge of PL/SQL or Oracle Architecture to build applications, which makes it ideal, doubly for getting people into using Oracle Products. The better part is it will work with any Oracle Database install version after 9.2 without issue, including a little gem called XE.

Oracle Database Express Edition (currently version 10g) is a wonderful little setup. Designed for…