Oracle ADF Faces 10g: Accessibility and 508 Compliance

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ADF Faces provides strong support for Accessibility and 508 Compliance. Most ADF Faces components have attributes that will translate to tags that screen readers can interpret. For example, <af:input>has an attribute shortDesc for a short description; this translates to an html alt tag, which is readable by most screen readers. You can find Oracle’s Accessibility guidelines for ADF Faces here:

Oracle ADF Faces 10g: How to pass data between pages

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Oracle ADF Faces 10g: How to pass data between pages Do you have the need to pass data between pages, e.g. for a new customer signup page flow that spans multiple pages? In ADF Faces, when you have a form that spans multiple pages, you have options on how to pass and maintain the data between pages, e.g. cache the data in the middle tier, re-write the data into hidden fields on the page, or store the state in session. Caching and storing data in session have the drawback of not being back-button or new-window safe. Often frameworks have a … Read More

Oracle ADF Faces 10g: Submitting a part of the page

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Did you know ADF Faces allows you to submit only part of a page? This can be useful when you have a search box on a page and only want to submit that one component when the user clicks the search button. The ADF Faces af:subForm component represents an independently submittable region of a page. When used within an af:form tag or within an JSF HTML h:form tag, af:subForm lets you control which components should be validated and pushed into the model without having to use multiple forms on a page. See the following for more information on ADF subForms.

Oracle AS: Undeploying Multiple Applications (including BPEL Human Tasks)

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Undeploying a single application in Oracle Application Server is pretty straightforward. However, I had a scenario where I needed to undeploy many human tasks (since each of them is deployed as an application in OracleAS) and undeploying them one-by-one was becoming painful. I recalled finding a place to undeploy mutiple applications, but couldn’t remember it exactly. After digging a little, I figured it out again and wanted to write it here in case it can help you (or me in the likely event that I forget again). From the Cluster Topology page of Enterprise Manager Application Server Control, you get … Read More