IIS Error – W3SVC Not Starting – Event ID 115

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Did your personal IIS stop working recently — the one you run on XP perhaps? Did you get the following error in your event logs? Event Type: Error Event Source: W3SVC Event Category: None Event ID: 115 Date: 4/23/2006 Time: 12:28:08 PM User: N/A Computer: F4005 Description: The service could not bind instance 1. The data is the error code. For additional information specific to this message please visit the Microsoft Online Support site located at: http://www.microsoft.com/contentredirect.asp. This error is normally the result of another application/service on your machine listening on network Port 80. But you’re sure you don’t have any other … Read More

RDL and RDLC Conversion – SSRS (Reporting Services) and ReportViewer

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RDL and RDLC conversion is something that people who use both Reporting Services and ReportViewer have already done. For those of you who have not looked at these technologies, you really need to. Taking reports written for a full-featured reporting engine like SSRS and instead integrating that into a custom application (which does NOT require SSRS, let alone SQL Server) has huge market value along with technical value. Following is a good lesson on RDL to RDLC conversion as well as RDLC to RDL conversion: RDL and RDLC Conversion Note: of course, if you have any issues with this or … Read More

Move Outlook 2003 Configuration Settings to New Computer

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This assumes Outlook 2003, Windows XP Professional, and a default configuration. Email Messages If everything is stored in Exchange Server, then just configuring your Exchange profile should bring down all mail from the server. If you are using local email storage, you will want to move your .pst file(s) to the new machine. Signatures C:Documents and Settings[username]Application DataMicrosoftSignatures Rules Export rules from within Outlook (click “Options” button in the rules configuration area). You will save them onto your harddrive as [something].rwz. Import these rules to the new machine. Navigation Pane Settings C:Documents and Settings[user]Application DataMicrosoftOutlook[profile].xml Nicknames C:Documents and Settings[user]Application DataMicrosoftOutlook[profile].nk2

SQL Server 2005 Licensing Costs and Pricing Example

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Processor Licensing Model. Under this model, a license is required for each physical or virtual processor accessed by an operating system environment running SQL Server. This license does not require any device or user client access licenses (CALs). Server plus Device CALs. Under this model, a server license is required for each operating system environment running an instance of SQL Server, as well as a CAL for each client device that accesses a system running SQL Server. Server plus User CALs. Under this model, a server license is required for each operating system environment running an instance of SQL Server, … Read More

Outlook 2003 Check Names Address Book Contacts

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Do you have contacts in your contact folder(s) and wonder why your email doesn’t automatically check against them when sending a message? I noticed this issue when working with Outlook 2003, while using Exchange 2003 and RPC over HTTP. The resolution was actually easy, but it took enough clicking that I thought I would share the solution: To add your contacts folder as an “Outlook Address Book”: Right click your folder containing contacts (i.e. “Contacts”) Click “Properties” Click the “Outlook Address Book” tab Select the “Show this folder as an e-mail Address Book” checkbox Click the “OK” button To add … Read More

SQL Server 2005 Install Samples

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If you have installed SQL Server 2005, it is likely you have installed the samples as well. In my case, I installed what I thought to be everything, realizing that the samples did not install. When I went in through the normal set up to install them, I was not able to. Thankfully, I found a workaround that prevented me from having to uninstall and reinstall… Go to Start –> Control Panel –> Add/Remove Programs Click “Change” for SQL Server 2005 Entering the setup from this approach, you will have the option to add/change components. Follow the wizard, and when … Read More

Outlook/Exchange 2003 Address Book

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Have you wondered why the Outlook/Exchange 2003 address book does the (sometimes strange) things that it does? …when does it refresh/replicate? …does it work the same online versus offline? …etc., etc. Well, I found a great Microsoft KB Article to answer these questions that I just had to share: http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=841273 Enjoy!

SQLDataSource in .aspx Examples

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I will be placing SQLDataSource examples here shortly. I know there is controversy relating to placing SQL or even Stored Procedure names in .aspx files, but the reality is that for some applications, there is no need to concern ourselves with the complexities related to N-tiered, fully-abstracted, technical-utpoia development. This is especially prevalent when the resources working on an implementation do not have the background or ability (for a variety of reasons not always their own doing) to deliver solutions with these concepts intact each time.  Certainly, Microsoft must have agreed as they allow/support this approach.  None-the-less, feel free to engage in healthy … Read More