Using Oracle ADF EJB PersistObject

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While demoing out some ADF faces functionality to the team, I forgot that in order to build a form to save an object to the DB using the persistObject method you should… 1. Build the ADF Parameter Form using the Object’s Constructors from the Data Control. 2. Bind a button to the persistObject data control….. drag the persistObject data control onto the page and select ADF Button. 3. On the Action Binding screen, in the value column provide #{bindings.ObjectIterator.currentRow.dataProvider} as the value for parameter or use the EL builder to find the Iterator used by the form and bind it … Read More

ADF Table Row Selection Event Update Form

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One of the UI requirements in a recent ADF project was to use an ADF Read-Only Table and its built-in functionality (row selection, filtering and sorting) to allow a user to find a row, select it, then automatically have a form on the same page be updated with the data from the row selected for updating and saving. Let’s run though how to implement this… 1. Build the ADF Read-Only table by dragging the appropriate data control onto the view. Ensure you enable the appropriate ADF behaviors on the Edit Table Columns screen. Row Selection is required, but Filtering & Sorting is optional … Read More

Middleware 11g Patch Set 3 (PS3) = Oracle Middleware 12g? …and Where’s WebCenter?

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Oracle has made some major improvements in 11g PS3 for multiple products in the Middleware offering. If they don’t consider this a major release (aka 12g), I can’t want to see what will actually be part of 12g. Exciting stuff.

[box type=”info”]We have been working with pre-release versions of WebCenter 11g PS3 for a while, so a bit disappointed that didn’t make it into the release date, but we’re hoping that will be soon to follow.[/box]

New versions of Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g R1 ( include…

JDeveloper and BPM 11g Patch Set 3 (PS3) Released, But Hold Off Using JDeveloper (for now)

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Heidi Buelow, Product Manager at Oracle for BPM Suite posted a note on the Oracle Forums over the weekend asking a member to hold off on using JDeveloper 11g PS3 with BPM. I am generally pleased with the integration, and truly appreciate the vision of using one IDE (JDeveloper) for all things Oracle. That said, it seems Oracle is unique when compared to pure-play BPM vendors where the SOA/BPM teams are different than those over development tooling like JDeveloper, so they have to work extra hard at it. Feel free to follow the forum post.