Oracle + Sun = Layoffs?

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In the past, there has been acquisition synergy, which sometimes meant moderate layoffs. Acquisition in this economy, for companies the size of Oracle and Sun, may broaden the definition of “moderate” layoffs a bit. In order to make this Oracle’s most successful acquisition ever (as Oracle’s president has predicted), layoffs may become an important — more so than normal — part of the acquisition synergy.  With less buyers than there were a year ago, there is only so much revenue that cross-selling and innovative product releases will earn.  Management will be making the hard decisions on what/who stays and what/who … Read More

Oracle Skips Earth and Buys Sun!

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Move over, for now, IBM…Oracle has taken its place as the buyer of Sun.  This may be one of the most compelling acquisitions in recent Oracle times.  In Oracle’s press release, President Safra Catz was quoted saying: “…This would make the Sun acquisition more profitable in per share contribution in the first year than we had planned for the acquisitions of BEA, PeopleSoft and Siebel combined.” For implementation architects and consultants, Oracle gets one step closer to total enterprise domination.  With Oracle’s own Linux and now Solaris, the days of Oracle and OS-vendor finger pointing are numbered.  On the core … Read More

Oracle WebCenter 10gR3 Review – Framework, Web 2.0 Services, and SOA

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Ashok Aggarwal, a Partner at M&S Consulting has recently written a complete review of Oracle WebCenter Suite.  This has been published in a few major trade journals and websites. You can read the article at: Oracle WebCenter Review – Framework, Web 2.0 Services, and SOA Following are two excerpts from the article. The review goes into a fair amount of detail with Oracle WebCenter 10gR3: When customers approach us to help them solve their business requirements, they often have a set of existing applications, both custom and purchased, that requires their end users to spend time moving from one system … Read More

Oracle Portal versus WebCenter

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I have seen a bit of confusion in the industry about Oracle’s Portal offerings. Specifically, with thousands of Oracle Portal customers, people want to know what the introduction of WebCenter means to them. Here is my statement on the topic, that is both obvious and the most realistic one you will get: Oracle Portal and Oracle WebCenter Suite are different products. I said it would be obvious. But this is an important foundation for the rest of the discussion, since many people want to convince themselves that WebCenter is essentially an upgrade of Oracle Portal. I believe the WebCenter offering … Read More