Should I always use an Oracle sequence?

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Oracle die-hard purists will generally swear up and down about using a sequence for assigning a unique identifier to an record/entity. However, are there situations when you might to consider avoiding this practice?

The below video explains that computer systems have been able to guess social security numbers for 8.5% of people born since 1989. That is alarming for a number of reasons. But it also got me thinking about situations I may have come across in the business world (and IT in general) that could suffer from a similar problem.

ColdFusion 9 Development on Windows (Standalone Server, ColdFusion Builder, and HelloWorld)

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This guide walks through an installation of:

  • Standalone ColdFusion 9 Developer Edition (Server)
  • Standalone ColdFusion Builder (IDE)

Upon installation of the above, this guide further walks through how to configure the ColdFusion Builder IDE and build simple “Hello World” application.

PS: I can’t remember the last Hello World that was this simple to develop with such few lines of code.

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Oracle Invests Over $1 Billion in Middleware 11g

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Oracle’s 11g Middleware management has thrown out a stat that might make your head spin. If it doesn’t, it probably should a little. For the Middleware 11g product line, they have spent over 16,000,000 (sixteen million) hours on quality assurance and testing. You can do some various forms of computation, but that gets me somewhere to a minimum cost near half-a-billion dollars on testing. They claim something similar for development time (over 10,000 person years which — by my calculations — is even more than 16,000,000 hours). So, I think Oracle is telling us they have spent over $1 billion … Read More

Flash – Adobe, Apple, Google

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I read this as “We Wish Apple Was More Like Google”. Okay, let me come right out and tell you that Apple has not been morally right about anything related to preventing Flash on their devices. They have simply played a good marketing game to protect profits and eliminate competition. Amazingly, even after [halfway] eating crow about their previous decision to deny support for Flash by now supporting Flash-built Apps in the App Store, there are people saying Apple has been right to deny its users Flash on the web. Start with the premise that the only reason Apple is … Read More

Oracle OpenWorld OOW 2010 – Middleware

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As has become tradition, I will be attending Oracle OpenWorld again this year joined by a few other M&S team members focused on Oracle Fusion Middleware. Let us know if you will be around and want to meet up. The most solid agenda items I have are the authors’ seminar for a new WebCenter 11g book we are releasing (more on that to come), a few of the SOA, BPM, Governance, and Enterprise 2.0 events with Product Management teams, and, of course, the concert.