Flash-Based Oracle MetaLink Sucks

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I am a big fan of RIA, Flex, and Flash UIs in general. So, why do I feel that the flash-based version of Oracle MetaLink sucks? Here is a quick top 5: I usually develop on a machine other than my own: using remote desktop with anything flash-based is fairly useless in my experience. Waiting for animations to refresh on the screen is dreadful. I have more problems. I can’t say I liked the UI of the old MetaLink, but my experience was consistent and stable. I end up having to log-in more with the Flash version…rarely, but randomly…while I … Read More

Escalate Oracle SR (TAR) – How To

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I’m not sure why, but I find myself having to do this quite often these days; not so much to actually escalate the severity of tickets, but just to get some more responsiveness. Has anyone else noticed a general slow down from Oracle Support as of recently?

I thought I would note the phone steps for escalation to make it easy for people. Between escalation through support and the various channels we have with Oracle, we have become very good at getting issues to resolution very quickly.

…details are provided in the full article

So, as an example, I recently dialed: 800-223-1711, 1, 1, 1, 1, 999999#

Underpowering Oracle Portal 10.1.4 on purpose….and winning.

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Our friends at Oracle give us a nice list of requirements for their Application Server and Portal products, to help us define to our customers what is needed to run these mammoths of ability and power. But can you make it run on less? And if so, how much less?

Note: Oracle does not condone or recommend any of the following practices. In a real production environment, I agree. This was done as a test to see if it could be done.

Oracle says that to run Application Server 10g you need a few things. For this post, we are on the Windows Server OS. It is put forth you need to be on at least SP1 of Server 2003, Have a minimum 300 MHz CPU (although they recommend a 450, and really recommend 2 GHz and up), and 1 GB of RAM, on an NTFS file system. There is of course the need for a Network interface, and some other ancillary items, but above are the core hardware specs, pulled from their installation documents.

If I said you could make it work in 640 MB of RAM, at 1.4 GHz of CPU on a desktop motherboard, you might say I’m crazy…