Google Apps Transfer Between Domains

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Google Apps migration

Our customer recently changed the name of their company, and they wanted to have all of their Google Apps accounts reflect the change. We helped them transfer all of their email, calendars, and contacts from their old Google Apps account to match their new domain. Google provides some, but not all, of the tools necessary to migrate user account data. Here are some of the tools we leveraged to migrate their user data. Google Data Migration Service Despite the name, this tool only migrates your users’ emails. The benefit, however, is that it is a direct migration — no middlemen here. This … Read More

New Sharing Controls for Google Drive

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Google Drive sharing options

Security in almost always on the mind of businesses today, but so is collaboration and efficiency. Those three things collide in the cloud and now Google for Work has addressed some of these concerns with their new sharing settings for Google Drive. Check out the video below and visit the Google for Work Blog for more information. [youtube][/youtube]

Solving “Access Denied” When Deploying SOA Process Stored in Google Drive

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access denied

Recently after creating a JDeveloper project within my Google Drive folder and attempting to deploy it, I received an error “Access Denied” focused on copying two desktop.ini files. After a few troubleshooting steps involving permissions for both the file and JDeveloper, deleting the desktop.ini files prevailed as the best solution.   To delete the error causing files, select the view menu then select “Hidden Items”.   Now that you can see the desktop.ini files, navigate to the directories where the error causing files reside and delete the desktop.ini in each folder. These are created automatically by Google Drive and change … Read More