Flash – Adobe, Apple, Google

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I read this as “We Wish Apple Was More Like Google”. Okay, let me come right out and tell you that Apple has not been morally right about anything related to preventing Flash on their devices. They have simply played a good marketing game to protect profits and eliminate competition. Amazingly, even after [halfway] eating crow about their previous decision to deny support for Flash by now supporting Flash-built Apps in the App Store, there are people saying Apple has been right to deny its users Flash on the web. Start with the premise that the only reason Apple is … Read More

Oracle Skips Earth and Buys Sun!

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Move over, for now, IBM…Oracle has taken its place as the buyer of Sun.  This may be one of the most compelling acquisitions in recent Oracle times.  In Oracle’s press release, President Safra Catz was quoted saying: “…This would make the Sun acquisition more profitable in per share contribution in the first year than we had planned for the acquisitions of BEA, PeopleSoft and Siebel combined.” For implementation architects and consultants, Oracle gets one step closer to total enterprise domination.  With Oracle’s own Linux and now Solaris, the days of Oracle and OS-vendor finger pointing are numbered.  On the core … Read More

SOA is dead? Sure, the same as Java is dead.

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There is a LOT of hoopla lately over an article proclaiming that SOA is Dead. Of course, the title is attention-grabbing and not an accurate representation of the article’s content (the author even suggests that “SOA” is dead, but not “service-oriented architecture”). None-the-less, you can’t have it both ways; you can’t label something as an “obituary” and then go on to write how the right arm will still work if you prop it up at 45 degrees and twist it three times. So, I will simply state that the author is wrong and suggest a more accurate picture of the … Read More