Platform Fundamentals: SOQL and SOSL

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SOQL (Salesforce Object Query Language) Use SOQL to construct simple but powerful query strings in the queryString parameter in the query() call, in Apex statements, in Visualforce controllers and getter methods, or in the Schema Explorer of the IDE SOQL statements are similar to the select statement in SQL SOQL statements are case-sensitive SOQL statements can be used in Apex and the Web Services API If the output of a SOQL statement is an “Consider and Index Filter” error, it means the statement is returning too many records in which case you need to use a WHERE clause to restrict … Read More

Installing Oracle Database 11g XE and Unlocking the HR Sample Schema – A Tutorial with Screenshots

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Installing Oracle Database 11g XE and Unlocking the HR Sample Schema – A Tutorial with Screenshots

When learning to develop Oracle Fusion applications, one of your first steps, if not already completed, should be to install a database for your applications to connect to. Oracle ADF applications are capable of connecting with several different database technologies, but perhaps the most conducive is Oracle’s own database suite. Oracle offers several different database solutions with varying levels of functionality. Oracle’s free, entry-level database offering, Oracle Database Express Edition (XE), is a very capable platform which should provide ample power for development purposes. Oracle Database XE does have some performance limitations which are described in Oracle XE Limitations (CPU, … Read More

Vagrant, Chef (installed via omnibus), and the PostgreSQL and Database cookbooks (re: COOK-1406)

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While building the development environments for a code base that would eventually be deployed to an auto-scaling AWS environment, a client request pivoted the database tier architecture away from MySQL to PostgreSQL. This pivot was timely given Amazon’s most recent RDS offering, announced as recently as re:Invent. Awesome! Now to integrate PostgreSQL with the existing Vagrant/Chef development environment deployments; not as awesome! What follows is a summary of and solution to several common pitfalls experienced by those deploying PostgreSQL with Chef (omnibus installer). Note: this post assumes some familiarity with Chef. A quick overview of how our deployment gets PostgreSQL … Read More