Salesforce1 Glimpse

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The next big thing to come to the platform is Salesforce1. Here’s a glimpse of what’s in store for the next release:

  • Salesforce1 is focusing on mobile driven development, allowing for 10 times as many APIs for apps.
  • Beginning in March, the Chatter App will become the main interface users interact with while working in
  •  App development is going to be more flexible, including a Private App Exchange where developers can manage private applications.
  • Admins will also have the capability to manage and distribute apps from the mobile platform.
  • They can create apps that are business process oriented; with a powerful UI driven setup, and deploy the app instantly to all devices, without having to wait in the queue.
  • Developers can create canvas apps that work directly with third party software, tailoring the Salesforce1 platform to their specific business needs. A single login is all that is required to access all of your created and installed apps, regardless what they are designed for. For example, you could have several company built apps along side personal apps you use in your own life.
  • Company Communities are now easily accessed from your phone, so tasks like creating a new ticket are easier than ever before. Salesforce1 is making it easier to keep employees connected from any device, at any time.

We’ll have to wait and see what Dreamforce 2013 has to offer, before we get the whole picture on Salesforce1, but to check out additional features follow the link below:

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