RDL and RDLC Conversion – SSRS (Reporting Services) and ReportViewer

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RDL and RDLC conversion is something that people who use both Reporting Services and ReportViewer have already done. For those of you who have not looked at these technologies, you really need to. Taking reports written for a full-featured reporting engine like SSRS and instead integrating that into a custom application (which does NOT require SSRS, let alone SQL Server) has huge market value along with technical value.

Following is a good lesson on RDL to RDLC conversion as well as RDLC to RDL conversion:

RDL and RDLC Conversion

Note: of course, if you have any issues with this or other ReportViewer and/or SSRS issues, feel free to engage us as we have been through many of the challenges.

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