University Leverages Free Cloud POC to Demonstrate Geographical Redundancy

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University Leverages AWS Courtesy Onboarding

A mid-sized public university, like many others, used their own on-prem data center for all data storage and backups. They were familiar with the flexibility that the cloud would provide, but they were hesitant to take the leap. They needed a solid business case and a way to ensure it would work in their environment.

A series of events caused them to reevaluate their disaster recovery plan, which led them to quickly conclude that they needed additional capacity as well as geographical redundancy. The cloud seemed ideally suited to their needs, but they still needed to ensure it would work in their environment. Generic demonstrations of cloud capabilities would not be sufficient.

Our team led the AWS Courtesy Onboarding, which is a week-long personal proof of concept, free of charge, to demonstrate a cloud solution within the customer’s own environment. We were able to show how AWS Storage Gateway, integrated with their on-prem system, would address their pain points in a flexible, cost-effective manner.

If you’d like to discuss embarking on your own AWS Courtesy Onboarding, let’s set up a time to talk.

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