Monitoring Employee Productivity and Welfare

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reporting on employee well-being

During normal operations, a mid-sized consulting firm needs to track and report on several different parameters regarding their employees. The disparate data on employees reside in several different systems, making access, and review a time-consuming process.

As the COVID-19 event unfolds, the company’s managers find themselves needing more data points for evaluating and monitoring employee productivity, morale, and efficiency. Several new fields are added to the various systems, many of which will remain after the pandemic is resolved. While this provided useful data points, it exacerbated the challenge of having multiple systems.

Using a tool that we created, our team has integrated data from multiple sources, including Salesforce and ERP, into one single report. Now, managers can view and drill down into data from multiple systems in one view, reducing the time and effort required to properly manage their most critical resources: their employees.


If you’d like to discuss how to integrate your data for more robust and helpful reporting, let’s set up a time to talk.

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