Managing a Complex Migration to Oracle Cloud

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A publicly-traded company dealing with health information planned to migrate their primary business application suite to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), including Fusion Middleware components (SOA, IdAM, EDQ).

The initial challenge was the number of interconnections between applications (over 70), each with complex security requirements. If the various components of the migration were not carefully timed and coordinated, the availability of critical business functions could be affected. To make it more challenging, the migration needed to be transparent to the business owners and thousands of users, with minimal downtime during cutover.

Our combined team, in close collaboration with the customer, performed a detailed discovery to identify all interconnections at all layers. Once identified, a precise timeline was created, down to the minute, to account for all dependencies and business needs. Various activities were rehearsed and tested in DEV and UAT environments before PRD.

Over several weeks, the components were smoothly migrated. The customer now has a cost-effective, cloud-based solution that allows them to make changes to infrastructure and applications quickly and easily.

If you need your complex migration to the cloud to go smooth, let’s set up a time to talk.

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