Email Before Download Premium


Email Before Download presents your users with a form where they submit information, like their name and email address, prior to receiving a download. This plugin integrates with the popular Contact Form 7 and WordPress Download Monitor plugins, allowing you to create any form you like and manage/monitor your file downloads.

As an option, you can configure Email Before Download to:

  1. Display a link to your file directly under the contact form once it is submitted. This happens dynamically, inline of your post/page.
  2. Send the user an email with a link and/or attachment to download your file.
  3. Both #1 and #2

Package Details

6.x Release is Here!

After a hiatus from EBD development, a community member has reached out and partnered with us to breathe life back into EBD! We have recently made updates to fix issues and enhance the capabilities of EBD. Stay tuned for more to come in EBD v6.x and above!

We’ve completely rewritten EBD from the ground up. Since the plugin was built many years ago, we decided to implement the latest architecture and features that WordPress offers to plugin developers. In addition to testing as much as possible that this is backwards compatible with the original EBD version — while also retaining a familiar experience for our existing admins/users — we have added some popular requests such as the ability to change the email address as well as support for Download Monitor’s latest major release (4.0+).