Since inception, M&S Consulting has helped organizations independently verify and validate end-to-end, mission-critical projects and systems.

M&S takes a methodical, objective approach — often with careful selection of technology tools and automation — to devise a verification and validation strategy that will yield clear and quantitative assessments of project status and risk. M&S combines deep domain expertise with rigid process as we establish the capabilities of a system, limitations of a system, and make determinations of the level of operation and performance of a system within specified ranges. Understanding not just success and failure, but the quantitative likelihood of expected results with data-driven support lends our customers the information required to make the objective and sometimes challenging decisions about where to spend time and money during development.

M&S IV&V tools and methodology have been leveraged to assess gaps in process and to perform testing on systems as well. While many organizations today have established structured development processes where testing is a component of their SDLC (software development life cycle), M&S helps organizations understand the difference between testing and IV&V, and the specific value that IV&V brings to overall success throughout the entire life cycle of development projects.

IV&V projects are a perfect fit for M&S’s unique expertise in both process and technology.

M&S takes IV&V beyond the development life cycle and well into post-deployment/post-mission issues and anomalies analysis in order to continually improve its IV&V capabilities (processes and technologies/tools). With the continued reliance and use of popular COTS products, M&S remains abreast of the latest technologies and commercial vendors to understand the risks that existing, invariably buggy software has on larger solutions.