Oracle WebCenter 10gR3 Review – Framework, Web 2.0 Services, and SOA

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Ashok Aggarwal, a Partner at M&S Consulting has recently written a complete review of Oracle WebCenter Suite.  This has been published in a few major trade journals and websites. You can read the article at:

Oracle WebCenter Review – Framework, Web 2.0 Services, and SOA

Following are two excerpts from the article. The review goes into a fair amount of detail with Oracle WebCenter 10gR3:

When customers approach us to help them solve their business requirements, they often have a set of existing applications, both custom and purchased, that requires their end users to spend time moving from one system to the other. Even a simple task like approving a budget request, first requires the users to check existing committed budget allocations in spreadsheets or enterprise applications. Then they must visit a set of reports from their business analytics system to understand current spending levels. And finally, they need to correspond with the requestor to validate all the specifics of the proposal. All of these interactions require the end user to remember and interpret information from one system to the other. It is a key requirement to allow business users an easy way to link these different components in the context of the budgetary task they are trying to accomplish. Customers are looking for a way to share information with others in a faster, simpler and more dynamic way.

Oracle WebCenter is an integrated, standards-based, user interaction suite that includes a set of Web 2.0 services. WebCenter is used to develop task-oriented user experiences for transactional applications, composite SOAs, enterprise portals, and Web sites. It includes a pre-packaged infrastructure to enable content integration, content management, Web publishing, search, and application customizations. It allows for heterogeneous systems to be leveraged directly to integrate systems, documents, information, and processes into a common user interface. WebCenter enables people to share information within their enterprise using their Web 2.0 services, which include discussions, wiki pages, and RSS feeds. It also allows them to compose mashups and integrate presence, instant messaging, and Voice over IP (VOIP). Some people think of it as an enterprise framework and others feel it is a set of services. The reality is that it is both.

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