Oracle + Sun = Layoffs?

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In the past, there has been acquisition synergy, which sometimes meant moderate layoffs. Acquisition in this economy, for companies the size of Oracle and Sun, may broaden the definition of “moderate” layoffs a bit. In order to make this Oracle’s most successful acquisition ever (as Oracle’s president has predicted), layoffs may become an important — more so than normal — part of the acquisition synergy.  With less buyers than there were a year ago, there is only so much revenue that cross-selling and innovative product releases will earn.  Management will be making the hard decisions on what/who stays and what/who goes.

A few articles online note analyst predictions upwards of 10,000 layoffs.  I would say it is a bit too early for outsiders to reasonably predict layoff numbers (hopefully lessons were learned when people got it all wrong with Oracle’s January layoff rumors), but the “L” word is certainly on many minds these days.

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  1. Oracle is clever and will conduct their layoffs in small waves so they do not have file a WARN.

    The people that are still there are worked like workhorses and they are expected to do ridiculous things and quota’s. which equals, if your a stupid workhoarse willing to have your family and personal life impacted don’t worry you will have a job.

    I can tell you one thing as an employee, the management there is evil, will throw you under a bus if it means saving their own behinds, and are unfit to be managers in the first place.

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