Oracle Skips Earth and Buys Sun!

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Move over, for now, IBM…Oracle has taken its place as the buyer of Sun.  This may be one of the most compelling acquisitions in recent Oracle times.  In Oracle’s press release, President Safra Catz was quoted saying:

“…This would make the Sun acquisition more profitable in per share contribution in the first year than we had planned for the acquisitions of BEA, PeopleSoft and Siebel combined.”

For implementation architects and consultants, Oracle gets one step closer to total enterprise domination.  With Oracle’s own Linux and now Solaris, the days of Oracle and OS-vendor finger pointing are numbered.  On the core database side, Oracle has now purchased MySQL (it was previously purchased by Sun), which we believe to be one of Oracle’s greatest threats.  As the database with 20/20 hindsight, a lightweight footprint (equaling fast performance), and growing popularity, Oracle has now effectively captured an important market.  Reinvention is an important innovator, and Oracle has taken a welcome leap in acquiring MySQL.

I am excited to see how Oracle will enhance MySQL and potentially fast-track high-impact features (like security) in a way that “Oracle would have done it if they could do it all over again”.

For Java and all the other technologies (hardware and software), products, etc. that are being acquired, I believe Oracle will be a responsible industry citizen, holding true to standards, enhancing community, and providing benefits/choice to customers.

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