Oracle Portal HTML Templates – Page Skins, Content Layouts and More

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I have seen a large number of Oracle Portal implementations, and even a fair number using Portal version 10.1.4. It amazes me how many do not take advantage of HTML Templates. These are one of the most powerful additions to the Oracle Portal product, and it is a shame if they are not used or not used the “right” way.

Implementors can give their users a customized look-and-feel that is truly flexible and powerful. We have done some incredible things with HTML Templates, and will be showcasing some of the capabilities this year at Oracle Open World in San Francisco. I hope to see you there and feel free to reach out if you are grappling with HTML Templates and how to use them on your Oracle Portal implementation.

We have implemented beautiful Web 2.0 designs using page skins and presented content in unique ways with AJAX and the latest JavaScript frameworks using content layouts.

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