Oracle Helps Simplify Cloud Adoption by Global Corporations

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We are thrilled about Oracle’s commitment to “the cloud”. Oracle’s Public Cloud Services (aka “Oracle Cloud”) offers IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS solutions for a myriad of enterprise challenges. With the large adoption of Oracle On-Prem solutions by enterprise organizations around the world, “Oracle Cloud at Customer” that has been announced today will be able to truly transform the way people work. It reminds us of the promise of Cloud and Hybrid-cloud environments as well as our early prototyping of technologies like OpenStack. It is wonderful to see advancement and competition in the cloud space, especially from a large enterprise player like Oracle.

M&S has been early cloud adopters working with leading IaaS/PaaS providers like AWS and Microsoft Azure as well leading SaaS providers like Salesforce for many years. Our first Oracle database and APEX application was run in a full cloud-based environment at AWS in 2011. We look forward to “Oracle Cloud at Customer” offerings to extend capabilities that are 100 percent compatible with the Oracle Cloud but available on-premises.

Oracle Unveils Suite of Breakthrough Services to Help Simplify Cloud Adoption by Global Corporations First-of-a-kind services enable organizations to bring the Oracle Cloud Platform inside their own datacenter

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