Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) Analyzers

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It’s month end close and something is preventing close. You open a service request (SR) with Oracle and begin narrowing down what the problem is. If this is not an issue you’ve seen before, you and the analyst might have to narrow down where the issue even is. If this is something you’ve seen before, you might be wishing you’d had an easy way to identify this before close rolled around again.

Oracle’s E-Business Suite Support Analyzers offer a way to get ahead of potential problems before the day of month end close. Oracle provides analyzers for different areas–payables, receivables, and fixed assets as well as some workflows and other areas. You or the user can schedule any relevant analyzers to run regularly to help you identify and hopefully resolve possible close issues before the user tries to close. They also offer suggestions on patches and can refer you to relevant documents on My Oracle Support when issues are identified.

Analyzers have helped us identify multiple issues before close for our clients. They reduce last-minute month end close issues, help reduce the time for solutions, and give users peace of mind. We presented more specifics about our experiences with analyzers at COLLABORATE 17 OAUG, so please reach out if you have any further questions about our experience or use of analyzers!

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