Oracle AS: Undeploying Multiple Applications (including BPEL Human Tasks)

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Undeploying a single application in Oracle Application Server is pretty straightforward. However, I had a scenario where I needed to undeploy many human tasks (since each of them is deployed as an application in OracleAS) and undeploying them one-by-one was becoming painful. I recalled finding a place to undeploy mutiple applications, but couldn’t remember it exactly. After digging a little, I figured it out again and wanted to write it here in case it can help you (or me in the likely event that I forget again).

From the Cluster Topology page of Enterprise Manager Application Server Control, you get a hierarchical view of your OC4J Instances and their applications. You can click into each to undeploy, but sometimes you want to undeploy multiple applications (like multiple human tasks from your undeployed BPEL processes — since the BPEL Console undeploy does not actually undeploy the human tasks). Here are a list of steps that would allow you to undeploy multiple applications from oracle application server:

  1. Login to oracle “Application Server Control”
  2. Scroll to Groups tab
  3. Select the proper “OC4J Instance”. The instance that contains you deployments.
  4. Click on the “Applications” tab

This window allows you to start, stop, undeploy or redeploy mutliple applications.

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