Oracle Application Server Startup and Shutdown Script Generator – FREE

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Complete the below to receive scripts to automatically startup and shutdown your Oracle Application Server 10.1.2.x or 10.1.3.x midtier environment.

We have implemented and maintain many Oracle Application Server environments, so we are simply sharing some of the knowledge.

Note: We are not asking for server names or anything that would compromise your internal environment information. However, feel free to contact us using our quick contact form to the right if you have specific questions.

Note 2: Please, avoid using free email accounts like gmail, hotmail, etc. and populate all required fields accurately. A human reads the form and will not entertain an email response to someone entering test information.

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    Operating System
    (i.e. /home/oracle/oas1013/)*

    What do you use OAS for?*

    Path to Oracle Application Server Midtier ORACLE_HOME
    (i.e. /home/oracle/oas1013/ or C:oracleoas1013)*

    Additional Notes

    If you have a multiple-server environment or want us to extend the scripts further to include proper sequential startup and shutdown routines for other components like Identity Management and/or Metadata Repository, feel free to contact us.

    3 Comments on “Oracle Application Server Startup and Shutdown Script Generator – FREE”

      1. Hi George,

        We accept your inputs and then send back startup and shutdown files (.bat or .sh depending on your OS). If you have specific questions, please feel free to use the “Quick Contact” to the right and we can respond privately.


        Ashok Aggarwal

    1. Hi,

      Could you please send a script which checks the status of forms and reports of oracle application server and send mail if the forms/report goes down.

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