Oracle APEX Tutorial 4 – Form Layout – Part 2 – Video Training

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APEX gives you a lot of power and flexibility with it’s built in wizards. They are very good at
creating the base needs of a general application. This is true with forms. However, the wizards
create everything in the same way, which may or may not be what you want the end form to look
like. In this tutorial we will look at how to alter and better control the form’s appearance and
layout, as well as how to optimize our form somewhat. This tutorial installs it’s own sample data,
so the OEHR sample data is not required, but we recommend you have it installed if you don’t
already. Our article on APEX Tutorial Preparation and OEHR Sample Data Install covers it’s
installation and creation of a user account for development purposes.

Part 2 – Attributes, Alignments, Footers and Conditionals


High Level Steps

1) Edit the Items Attributes (0:27)
2) Alter Alignments of Items (3:22)
3) Create and Populate a new Region. (6:03)
4) Editing Header/Footer Information. (7:35)
5) Making a Region Conditional. (8:17)

Times in parenthesis are the approximate start times for those steps

Notes and Resources.

Start/Stop Table

The Start/Stop Table is the inserting of the HTML table start/end tags into the
displayed region. It forces the creation/end of an HTML table, and is one way to address
alignment problems on a page. It is not related to the data tables.

Making a region Hide/Show

One thing you can also do is give the user the ability to show or hide a given area. In this
tutorial, we can add this ability to the Audit region. We didn’t, but if you wanted to, under
Region Definitions, you can select the ‘Audit Information’ region and under the ‘User Interface’
section there is an entry for ‘Hide and Show Region’ under the template list.

Code and Entered Text

Listed Below are the final Item Attributes.

Prompt Field New Line? Width
Emp ID Yes 30
First Name Yes 15
Middle Initial No 2
Last Name No 15
Part or Full Time Yes 2
Salary Yes 10
Department Yes 15
Hire Date Yes 10
Manager No 15
Special Information Yes 60
Telecommute Yes 2
Record Create Date Yes 10
Record Update Date Yes 10

Listed below is the region footer text:

<i>The Record Create Date is the date that the record was initially entered in
to the system.
The Record Update Date is the date that the
record was last updated.</i>

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