Oracle APEX Tutorial 3 – Drilldown Report Part 1- Video Training

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This tutorial covers section 4 of the Oracle APEX Advanced Tutorials, Creating a drilldown report. It is recommended that you review our APEX Tutorial Preparation and OEHR Sample Data Installation article if you do not have the OEHR sample data installed to your APEX installation.

Part 1 – Creating the Application. Creating, testing and modifying the Orders Report.


High Level Steps

1) Login to APEX (0:30)
2) Create Application (1:00)
3) Create Orders Report (3:10)
4) Test and modify Orders Report (5:30)

Times in parenthesis are approximate start times for that step.

Notes and Resources.

Page Subordination

In this tutorial we first use the ability to create a sub page, or subordinate page, to another page. This allows you to better control the flow of your application. Any page that is not set as a subordinate page is called a top level page. There will be more examples of this concept in future tutorials.

Order of Creation

In this tutorial, and it’s second part, there are times when the order we create things may seem a bit contradictory to the end desired result. This is because in order for many of the automation and wizard functions to work properly, it is necessary to create all the basic building blocks first, then re-arrange them and alter them to fit as originally desired.

Date / Number Formats

This tutorial employs altering the displayed format of some columns into more human readable form. This is for end human readability. For dates the format is fairly straightforward, however for some number types, the system employs a series of predefined mask and identifier characters to define to the application and the Oracle internals the desired format, which may not be easily understood when you see it in the format selector (In this case, the column to display order total).

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  1. Apex is totally new to me..Thanks for making it interesting and easy to follow / learn.
    Wonderful material!

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